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Risk Management

48 whitepapers and resources

Risk Management

GDPR and its impact on insurance companies

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is considered the most important legislation regarding personal data protection, globally. This whitepaper touches upon some of the more far-reaching challenges that GDPR poses for insurers before highlighting the opportunities presented.

Brexit or Bremain?

On 23 June, the British public will vote on whether the UK should remain in the European Union. With business sentiment still divided, this StrategicRISK News Analysis explores the quantifiable risks attached to either outcome.

StrategicRISK News Analysis: Eurozone deflation

In January, Eurozone prices were down by 0.6% on the previous year. Deflation is at its worst since 2009. What are the risks of prolonged deflation? What is the likely effect of the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme? And what should be the response of corporate risk managers?